Taking a Break



What would you give to have a 'normal' relaxed and healthy relationship with food?

How would it feel to simply eat for nourishment, and fuel your body rather than be driven by cravings to feed an inexplicable need; to fill a void that has nothing to do with hunger?

For nearly 50 years my life has been dominated by an unhealthy relationship with food; starting from a very early age I suffered bouts of compulsive and binge eating. As I reached adolescence and became more and more self conscious about my body it had a devastating effect on my self-esteem and confidence.

As a young woman I believed I suffered from a lack of will power, even though at times it was actually incredibly strong. This lead to years of 'Yo-Yo' dieting, weight loss and weight gain. A viscous never-ending unhealthy circle which took it's toll both emotionally and physically.

I tried hypnosis, psychotherapy, NLP, EFT, special diets and supplements, and even trained as a Nutritional Therapist in an attempt to understand what was happening, why couldn't I gain control of my eating? But NOTHING had a lasting effect. I turned to endurance sport in the form of marathon running initially, then cycling in an attempt to control my weight because without this exercise, I would certainly have gained alot of weight and most likely have become diabetic.

I did learn over time that certain events and experiences in my Childhood probably lead to the need to eat for comfort, but even grasping this fact didn't provide any relief; the cravings came and went on a regular basis, especially if I was worried about something, or chronically stressed.

Emotional eating has sabotaged my life on many levels; having little or no self confidence and many limiting beliefs has meant that I've underperformed, especially professionally.  It's also had a devastating effect on relationships as you can imagine. If you can't love yourself, how can you love, or be loved by anyone else?


When I took to running in my early 20's it was actually something I was pretty good at. Frustratingly however, I could never achieve my full potential as I was always just that bit too heavy to really break into the next level of competition. I became agonisingly close to the magical 3 hour barrier, but always failed to break through it due to my weight.

Later in life I took to road cycling, and once again, anyone who knows what it feels like to ride a bike up a steep hill will tell you how important power to weight ratio is, and once again, even though I have done well, I know I could have done much better had I weighed 7-14lbs less.

There is a happy ending!!

I am now free from the constant battles in my head trying to deny the cravings, and no longer feel I HAVE to exercise, I ride now for the pure enjoyment of the sport and if I don't feel like going, I don't go! 

I am also losing all the excess weight I gained since my mini breakdown last year, and it's been incredibly easy. My days are not dominated by thoughts of what I can and cannot eat, I simply focus on what I want to best nourish my body to keep it healthy. 

I do keep wondering when the ghost of the past will come back to haunt me, but thanks to the therapies I found it simply isn't there any more.

I can help you to achieve this too.

I can help you to bridge the gap from where you are now, to finding the freedom I have from the sheer hell of emotional eating, IT CAN BE DONE!

You DO NOT have a lack of willpower, it has nothing to do with 'mind over matter' or being greedy or having a lack of self respect.

It is time for healing and to make peace with your inner child.


I want to share my experience and knowledge with you, so that you too, can find peace within, and enjoy food to nourish and fuel your physical body rather than use it to fill an emotional need.

I have designed an 8 week course which is going to liberate you, and enable you to 'get out of your own way' so that you can achieve your true potential and enjoy life, as we are all born to do.


It's time to show up.

Freedom from Emotional Eating (8 weeks)