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About  Andrea

A little bit about me..

When I'm not working with clients or studying natural healthcare I love to walk and ride my bike over the North Yorkshire Moors, or in some of the beautiful Forestry we are blessed with in this part of the World.

Endurance sport has always been my passion, starting with Cross County running at school, Cross Country Skiing during a sabbatical in Scandinavia and eventually Marathon running before 'retiring' to two wheels to save my joints!

I have recently discovered the benefits of sauna and cold water therapy.. Great for the immune system, mental health and  cardiovascular system. If you haven't heard of Wim Hof, the 'Ice Man', I highly recommend you read his book.

I am the proud Mum of one, a keen cook and love to find tasty and innovative ways of 'cooking without' dairy and gluten.

I eat mostly a Primal style diet consisting of fresh, local and organically produced fruit and vegetables, grass fed meat, fresh fish, organic eggs nuts and seeds. I have found this suits my constitution more than any other diet I have tried, and I have tried them all!


A firm believer of the 80/20 moderation rule, my treats are dark chocolate, red wine and a meal in a good Indian restaurant .



"We really do need to get back to  cooking from scratch:
Good honest unprocessed food without growth hormones, trans fats, added sugars or pesticides.


Making the right choices for health starts with education which is sadly lacking in modern society. 


It is my mission to help educate and empower individuals to reclaim the divine right of vibrant health."

Here I am
Cycling in my spiritual home; the stunning mountains of the Pyrenees

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