About  Andrea

"We need to get back to  basics:
Good honest food prepared from scratch.

Reducing additives, presevatives and exposure to antibiotics in our food chain is crucial in order to reduce the risk of death from disease"
Hello and thank you for looking at my website.
Most Nutritional Therapists study nutrition due to a personal experience with ill health, and I am no exception.
I became fascinated by the association between diet and health following a bout of glandular fever in my early 30's. The medical profession has no evidence based effective drug for this, as indeed is the case for most viral illnesses. (Although currently they want us to believe otherwise ofcourse).
I started to look at food and other natural remedies to heal myself and in doing so I more than halved the average recovery time for GF, and from that moment on invested as much time and money into training as an Holistic practitioner as possible. 
I came to realise that many effective natural healthcare therapies are not made widely known due to the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry and it's dominance over our Governmental institutions.
I made it my mission to get this knowledge out there to those open and in need.
When I'm not working with clients or studying natural healthcare I love to ride my bike on the North Yorkshire Moors, or walk in some of the beautiful Forestry we are blessed with in this part of the World.
I am a Mum, a keen cook and love to find tasty and innovative ways of 'cooking without' dairy and gluten due to being intolerant of both. My diet is mostly plant based, with just the occasional fish dish when eating out.

Cycling in my spiritual home; the stunning mountains of the Pyrenees