Overcome Overeating

8 Week Course to end the torment forever

My mission is to help others end the shame, guilt, frustration, and suffering associated with uncontrollable compulsive eating 

On my 8 week course you will...

  • Discover the deep subconscious drivers of your cravings


  • Learn how to communicate with your inner child

  • Use proven techniques to identify your trapped emotions

  • Receive therapies to help you to release trapped emotions

  • Receive 1-1 coaching and counselling weekly

  • Receive 1-1 Nutritional Therapy to improve your health

  • Learn how to deal with stress to reduce further risk of ill health

  • Clean up your home and personal care to reduce toxic load

  • Gain access to 8 hours of continued education to help you live a healthier lifestyle

  • Receive all products and therapies required for 8 weeks to achieve lifelong freedom from emotional eating

  • Experience the subtle yet powerful emotional benefits of 100% pure essential oils by Doterra 

  • Receive 25% discount from RRP with a Doterra wholesale membership

  • Become liberated and able to enjoy your food as nourishment for optimum health, and no longer feel the compulsion to eat to fill a void

  • Finally own the lean, healthy body you've always wanted

The 3 Therapies you will receive are:

  • Nutritional Therapy and Emotional Aromatherapy by Andrea Wood

  • Conscious Connected Breathwork by Leigh Elson

You will receive all the products and services required for the 8 week course.

Your commitment:

  • To attend consultations as mutually arranged

  • To follow the program to the end of the 8 weeks (Option to extend will be available)

  • To be honest and open during initial consultations. Failing to reveal vital information may affect your results

  • To be consistent using your products as advised; they don't work if they're left in the cupboard!

​What next?

Attend a FREE 1-1 consultation where you will learn more about how this incredible experience will change your life forever.

Find out about the 4 therapies involved from the practitioners themselves and have the chance to ask questions.


Please contact me to book your confidential online appointment.

NB. Monthly availability is limited to 10 clients due to the time consuming nature of consultations and appointments available.

Please get in touch if you are keen to get started.


Courses begin Monday 28th June 2021