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Eat a Rainbow a day 🌈

Add some colour to your plate, it’s a sure fire way of adding nutrients to your meal... unless it’s ‘M&M’s ofcourse! 🤣

It‘s the highly nutritious chemical compounds in fruits and veg that make them so brightly coloured; vitamin A, or Beta Carotene tends to be orange or red, and the beneficial health promoting polyphenols in some veg and fruit are usually blue, purple or red. Really the only beige foods you’re going to find from Mother nature are potatoes once turned into fries or crisps. Having said that there are some amazingly coloured potatoes we rarely get to see in our shops these days with beautiful purple flesh. Spuds are actually a great source of vitamin C, so apart from being so high in starch, still a versatile and nutritious vegetable.

I love this winter slaw made from red cabbage, broccoli, red onion and carrot. Add in some essential omega fats from Pumpkin, Sunflower and Sesame seeds, mix with a dressing of Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar and you’ve got a crunchy side which will really give you’re immune system a boost.

Or simply add to a toasted pitta with some hummus for a fab lunch. 😋

Enjoy 💖

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