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New for 2020.. Host a Healthy Cookery Party in your own home!

Well we’ve had Make-Up, Tupperware, Jewellery and Sexy Undies so why not Healthy Cooking?!

The idea came to me whilst trying to find a suitable venue to host Cookery Courses from. I just thought where better than the kitchen the host is familiar with? I know some classy eateries are offering ‘Chefy’ workshops in their top kitchens. So, as all the best Party’s end up in the kitchen, let’s start one there instead!

Invite some friends around to spread the cost and enjoy cooking a supper you can all sit down and eat afterwards if you wish, or save it for another day. If it’s a 1-1 or family get together you’d prefer, that’s great too.

We‘ll meet or video call to go over what it is you’d like help with beforehand. This might be cooking without a certain food such as dairy for example, or simply cooking good healthy food from scratch. The choice is yours. Then I’ll do the shopping (which I’ll add to the cost of the evening), and bring everything with me so you don’t have to worry about sourcing ingredients you may not be familiar with.

At the party I’ll provide handouts with the recipes and during the course of the evening (or day) answer any nutrition/health related questions you may have.

If you’d like more information please do drop me an email or message via my Facebook page Andrea Wood Nutrition. Leave me your phone number and let me know when is best to call you.

Let’s get this party started! 🥳

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