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Staying calm in a mad mad world...

As I put the finishing touches to my website updates, I thought it the ideal time to touch base and write down a few thoughts on the current situation.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get political or controversial, just going to try to help with some common sense and hopefully uplifting information.

It is very sad that there are many people out there who have been scared half to death thanks to media reporting. Let's just say it's been somewhat OTT with Government policies of keeping people indoors and social distancing.

Cardiovascular disease as we all know is more of a killer than Covid19, as is Suicide, High Blood Pressure and many other non-communicable diseases. It would be an interesting statistic to know just how many deaths from the above can be attributed to the handling of this pandemic as people panic, comfort eat and drink in an attempt to stay sane?

Anyway, stress as I've come to appreciate myself of late, is a very difficult emotion to control. You can try your utmost, but when someone or something lights the blue touch paper after a period of prolonged stress, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop that explosion of emotion from being unleashed.... and Lord help anyone in the firing line!

So after a particularly stressful moment last week, I was reminded of how delicately balanced stress hormones are, and what it feels like to have an acute surge in adrenaline purely from emotion.

I seriously thought I was going to pass out!

My heart rate was off the scale, my body was shaking uncontrollably and I felt physically sick. I knew I had to do something to calm myself down pretty quickly after the event to prevent something more serious occuring.

I remembered all the things I've been advising for years; breathing slowly and deeply, a drop of Lavender rubbed in the palms and inhaled from cupped hands ( I don't go to work without it these days!), closing my eyes and visualising a calming scene in nature.

It worked a treat. It is now my emergency protocol for those moments which are unfortunately occuring more frequently at the moment.

There are many ways to handle stress ofcourse, what suits me may not be suitable for another. What IS important though is that what ever method you decide upon, that it does help, not make matters worse.

What makes matters worse?

1.Too MUCH alcohol on a regular basis.

The occasional glass of wine is good, helps to relax the arteries ofcourse. But drink too much too often and you're causing inflammation and increasing your risk of a heart attack when your BP rockets due to stress.

2. Too MUCH sweet and processed food.

It seems the reward mechanism is in full swing everywhere; we're putting up with this horrid situation, so were damn well going to treat ourselves... except the 'treats' are in danger of becoming the norm. That's when they're dangerous ofcourse.

What measures are good, and can help us?

1. Exercise.

I've been amazed at the increase in people exercising, because we can! The increase in bike sales and workshop maintenance and repair jobs speaks volumes as gyms and pools are forced to stay closed.

Exercise lowers stress hormones, providing it's not done in excess or at full throttle all the time. (Note to self ....)

2. Use Essential Oils. Lavender is a well known stress diffuser and helps us to sleep. Remember it must be certified 100% pure to be effective. Frankincense is also helpful and helps to ground us.

3. Get plenty of sleep. If you're not at work it may be tempting to stay up late, watch TV or play computer games but remember, the best time for restful restorative sleep is before midnight.

4. Eat wholefoods rich in B vitamins that support the nervous system. Wholegrains rather than processed 'beige' foods, nuts, seeds and 2-3 servings of green veg a day.

5. Meditate, practice Yoga, be mindful and live in the moment. All help to calm the mind and prevent anxiety. There are lots of practitioners and therapists out there struggling to keep their businesses going at the moment and offering online yoga etc. Give them your support and do yourselves a big favour.

I even have a friend who is a fabulous Yoga teacher offering weekend retreats... from your own home! Check out Alison's fabulous idea at:

So whatever your chosen healthy relaxation technique, do it often, try to stay positive, don't buy into media propaganda, avoid newspapers like the plague and focus on what makes you HAPPY.

Please take a look at the improved website; there's extra pages on modern day threats to our health and a brand new consultation structure and service via Zoom, bookable and payable online... fingers crossed that works... do let me know! Any feedback much appreciated.

Look after each other, be kind and enjoy Mother Nature as much as possible, she is thriving.

Thank you for reading.

Much Love,

Andrea xx

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