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Supporting Children's Health.... Naturally

It's difficult to achieve good health without addressing emotional needs in addition to the physical. Trapped emotions have a nasty habit of manifesting in later life as emotional and physical issues if not dealt with at the time.

Children too young to process their emotions will likely scream, cry, lash out, or simply store feelings away for years until later in life when they emerge as emotional issues such as anxiety or depression, and/or a physical illness.

It's a sad fact that stress and anxiety are rife amongst young people today and prescriptions for mind altering meds are growing at a alarming rate.

I have trained in Emotional Aromatherapy and the knowledge I have gained together with my nutritional therapy qualification means I can advise parents on practical, easy to follow protocols to support their child's health naturally, without side effects.

The fundamentals of healthy nutritious food, fresh air and exercise are key for building the solid foundation from which we can support strong immune and nervous systems

and it's so easy when we're stressed to turn to comfort foods and drinks.

We deserve a treat right? Absolutely!

The occasional treat is good, nothing wrong with that, it's when it becomes habitual and the norm' that it poses a threat to health.

And it's exactly the same for our kids ofcourse. I remember justifying overindulgences by 'spoiling' my Son with sweets and junk food.. made me feel much better and less guilty... until the next day at least!

The simple fact is that poor nutritional status PLUS stress equals reduced immunity and longer term health problems, so it makes complete sense to address both.

As I have learned for myself and with my clients it's very difficult to make dietary changes and improvements without addressing stress levels and poor sleep first.

Pure tested therapeutic grade essential oils help to build resilience to stress as nature intended without harmful side effects or addictive properties, and it's so easy to do.

SO easy in fact it’s child’s play!

I have a kit completely safe for children to use themselves with beautiful oil blends suitably diluted in rollerball applicators in a handy carry case complete with amazing educational flash cards.

Blends such as 'Tamer' for tummy troubles, 'Brave' for courage when needed going back to school etc. and 'Rescue' to relieve tension and reduce the effects of shock.

Empowering your child to start taking health into their own hands now is perhaps the most important thing you can do for their long term health, and they love it!

  • What ARE 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

  • How do they work?

  • How do you know which oils are suitable to use with children?

  • How do you apply/use them?

  • Which oils are good for which emotional issues or physical ailments?

All these questions and more are answered on my free 'Introduction to Essential Oils for Children' online classes or house parties.

Please email me for more information and to arrange an informal chat.

I have oils to support Mums and Dads too, so no need to feel left out!

Andrea Wood

Dip ION Nutritional Therapist

Emotional Aromatherapy 07779 153162

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