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Vitamin C and your immune system.

Most people have heard that vitamin C is recommended for colds.. what isn’t as widely known is WHY this vitamin is so effective against bacteria and viruses.

Without getting too scientific, vitamin C helps to build the killer cells that are involved in the body’s first line of defence.

It is also crucial for increasing the body’s supply of nitric oxide (NO), a major force in the ongoing battle against disease and age-promoting oxidative ‘radicals’, or ROS; reactive oxygen species. Vitamin C helps to convert nitrate in food to nitric oxide.

Why is NO important? Significantly in today’s uncharted waters, it has been shown to be an effective anti-viral. Research published in the journal of virology in March 2005 showed that the replication of severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus (SARS) was inhibited by Nitric Oxide.

What does this mean today? Although not widely know, the Chines have been using NO therapy successfully since the COvid 19 outbreak began in December 2019.

This paragraph was taken from an Italian report dated 7th March 2020.

”It is now extremely clear why the extensive use of vitamin C in China as therapeutic treatment for COVID-19 has produced most encouraging results, showing quick recovery of COVID-19 patients [67].  Ascorbic acid can act on multiple levels, reducing oxidative stress, regulating hypoxia signaling, mitochondrial membrane potential, furin expression, and modulation of immune defenses to stem the progression of cytokine storms [78, 79, 80].”

The article is a lengthy read, but worth it if you’re from a scientific background.

Sow how do we protect ourselves from COVID-19?

It would appear it is virtually impossible to prevent contracting the virus if you’ve been in close contact with someone who is carrying it. What we CAN do however, is lessen the severity and shorten the duration of the illness once we have it.


Increase your vitamin C intake, and eat more NO containing foods.

How much vitamin C? Good question! I normally up the ante to around 3G a day if there’s a big threat, or I feel the onset of a cold coming on. As the body can only absorb so much at a time, and as Vitamin C is water soluble, I split this into 500mg doses. So 6 x 500mg a day with food. This is probably a good idea at the moment. Now there are several forms of vitamin C, ascorbic acid which is the cheapest synthetic version. This can cause digestive upset in some people in high doses, so if you can, look for Magnesium Ascorbate, which is buffered and won’t send you running off to the loo!

Obvioulsy you need to eat plenty of fruits and veggies too: pretty pointless upping the vit C supplements then eating a beige diet and drinking too much alcohol which will drain your supplies! Leafy greens, citrus fruits, berries and salad fruits such as tomatoes and peppers are all good sources.

Nitric Oxide?

Beetroot, garlic (also a great antiviral), leafy greens and citrus fruits (again), dark chocolate (whoop!), pomegranate and nuts and seeds.

NO is also great for improving circulation and heart health, so ‘win win’ if you can increase the intake of these foods in your diet.

Its also great for your sex life... think increased blood flow

.... 💖

So don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen, use this uncertain time to bolster your defences and lessen the impact when Covid19 strikes.

Wishing you all love and well being. 💖

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