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Vitamin D and Covid

I keep banging on about this, because it's important that people get it!

Apparantly the human brain has to compute something new 7 or more times before it sinks in.. so here I am again!

There is now sound evidence that vitamin D protects us from serious illness caused by the latest Covid variant.. that's all of them by the way, and there are many already; ranging from the common cold to the current 'Pandemic'. Covid is nothing new, it's just that this latest one is new to humans, and new viruses in the human body are always more dangerous at first exposure.

Eventually, we will become as accustomed to Covid19 as we are to regular Flu IF.. and that's a big IF, we don't mess with our immune system.

We are reminded of the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 when the H1N1 virus killed way more people than Covid has, it lasted nearly two years then disappeared. That's what viruses do; they infect, cause serious illness for a year or two, then herd immunity prevents them from causing any serious harm again. Think back to SARS, Swine Flu and Bird Flu... and we didn't have a vax for those either....

Without vaccine's nature takes it's course and the same thing would have happened here.. had we let it and didn't have certain groups using the opportunity as an excuse to get us all vaccinated with something which frankly isn't doing anybody any favours! Follow the money....

Now this isn't me plucking an assumption out of thin air, no no no.. this information is from experienced and well respected virologists and disease specialists accross the World who have been silenced by the powers that be in order to maintain the narrative; that is that Covid is always going to be a deadly threat and that we MUST have the J A B to protect ourselves... and others.

So.. going back to Vitamin D!

As I was saying, we DO know that there is a direct correlation between death rates and serum D levels. That is.. those who have sadly died from Covid have had seriously low vitamin D in the blood for various reasons ranging from age and lifestyle, underlying medical conditions such as auto-immune diseases (which use up vitamin D like it's going out of fashion!), ethnicity and cultural dress.

Why do you think the Flu season always happens in Winter? It's not because viruses suddenly wake up in the cold! It's because all our vitamin D levels drop. Period. It's as simple as that.

We make vitamin D in the body under the skin from sunlight (if we're not covered in SPF that is), so in the Northern hemisphere it's really important to supplement over winter. I test many of my clients as a matter of course if they present with an autoimmune condition, and they are ALWAYS seriously low and need drastic supplementation to increase blood levels. You do not need to have Rickets or Osteoporosis to prove low Vitamin D.

The minimum recommended level in this country used to be around 45nmol/L but it was increased last year in the Uk to over 75nmol/L. As a nutritional therapist I recommend a minimum of 90nmol/L and if there is disease present, a level over 120nmol/L is preferred.

Tests are easy to get hold of privately, inexpensive and easy to do at home with finger-prick blood drop kits. You are entitled to a Vitamin D test from the NHS, but whether you can get an appointment for that these days is anybody's guess.

I would highly recommend everyone takes supplemental vitamin D at the moment. It's difficult to overdose, and a daily dose of around 1000iu is going to boost immunity in a safe and effective way. However, if you have a chronic health condition I would treble that and start straight away, even if you've HAD the JAB.


Because there is no hard evidence to prove that your immune system isn't compromised and won't react negatively to future Covid infections. You still need your vitamin D. Take the higher dose immediately.

A word of warning; too much of anything isn't a good thing and the same applies to vitamin D. I say it's difficult to overdose, but there's always going to be someone who thinks more must be better!

Too much Vitamin D supplemented causes a build up of Calcium in the blood and can lead to kidney stones.

But we're talking doses of over 60,000iu a day here, so a few thousand won't do you any harm! Most sources claim that up to 10,000iu a day is safe for adults but I would save this level of dosage for the winter months and stick to 1000iu-3000iu sublingually daily during the summer.

Why sublingual?

Because this way it enters the blood directly and doesn't rely on efficient digestion. This is especially important for anyone with any disease of the digestive tract. Eg. Coeliac disease, Crohns, IBS. All of which cause impaired absorption of nutrients.

If you need any recommendations please get in touch.

Remember, life is for living, and not for living in FEAR which is the biggest stressor and threat to health there is.

Thank you for reading, take care of yourselves and have some FUN this summer!

Andrea x

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