Your Good Health Naturally


How and Why...

.... did we become so far removed from Nature?

'Progress' some would say started with the discovery of Penicillin in 1928, and for sure anti-biotics have saved many many lives; we no longer die from simple bacterial infections, or at least we shouldn't do!

But there ARE other natural anti-biotics available in pure essential oils, we lost sight of those when taking a 'pill for an ill' became the norm'. And actually, with a healthy robust immune system; one that isn't compromised by previous courses of anti-biotics, drugs, poor diet and over-sanitising, the need for anti-biotics is reduced anyway.

There is nearly always a natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals when it comes to chronic illness, but the information isn't generally given as an option by the medical profession because the research and evidence our healthcare system demands for acceptance, is costly and nobody benefits financially. Sad but true.


What's even better OFCOURSE is prevention, because prevention is ALWAYS better than cure.

There are many things we can do to reduce the impact of viruses and bacteria when they invade our body, and we can also reduce the risk of, and even ameliorate chronic disease by ensuring we have an immune system capable of controlling inflammation. 

Take a look around this website to get an insight into the many attacks on our well being in the modern world, and what you can do to protect yourself.

It's time to empower yourself and take health back into your own hands.

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An Holistic Approach

I started my holistic journey thanks to a bout of Glandular fever in my early 30's having been told there 'wasn't a cure' by my GP. Just had to rest up and hope I recovered quickly. 

Instinctively I just knew that a prolonged period of stress and my refusal to 'rest up' when my Body was screaming at me to do so, had something to do with it.

I sought 'alternative' therapy in Homeopathy back then (actually the only therapy option available) which worked a treat in rebalancing my body chemistry. 

​It has become apparent over the past few years that the single modality approach to health care is no longer enough: We are under attack from so many different chemicals and sources of radiation, not to mention stress, that it's impossible to expect Nutrition alone to keep us healthy.

It really is time to adopt a more natural and  multi-faceted approach to disease prevention, improving and maintaining optimum health. 


It's never too late to make a difference.