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Toxic Load

Just 60 years ago the risk of getting cancer was 1 in 16. 

30 years ago 1 in 10.

And now it is just 1 in 2!! 

(See Cancer Research UK for verification)

Shocking, but why? You have to look at food, environment and lifestyle, they ARE the only things that have changed. 


It's all about acid/alkaline balance; the more acidic your body is, the more at risk you are of having sticky, clumping poorly functioning cells prone to disease.

Toxins, be they in the food you eat, the air you breathe, or the many chemicals you come into contact with on a daily basis, they all cause acidity in the body.

A high toxic load also makes you more prone to succumbing to viral illness as viruses are actually produced by the body to cleanse us of toxins.

A diet too high in protein, sugar and processed foods makes too much acid, we need a diet rich in plant based foods to balance this and make us more alkaline.

You don't have to be Vegan or Vegetarian, you just need to make sure plant based foods form the majority of your diet, with meats and dairy produce appearing less frequently.


It has become way too easy to overeat animal produce; it's relatively cheap (at least the mass produced type is), and easy to find. Unlike our hunter gatherer ancestors who had to go out and kill first... and in the process get some exercise ofcourse.

Stress also unbalances body chemistry, so no matter how good you are at eating well, if a hectic stressful lifestyle isn't balanced by relaxing measures such as exercise, meditation, yoga etc. to reduce stress hormones, you're also at risk.


Alkalise with green juices and smoothies

Some toxins are difficult to avoid; we have to breathe ofcourse, but many products and foods are easily replaced with more natural, chemical free versions.

Cleaning products for example, you can easily and cheaply make your own using essential oils etc.

The skin absorbs 1000's of chemicals from products we use for skin, body and hair care.

We have forgotten how to use natures gifts, and in doing so filled our lives and our bodies with chemicals.. here are some ideas for using in the home, and it's so easy to replace all those products with safe, toxin free alternatives.

We can also help our body to detoxify and alkalise by drinking plenty of fluids and using herbs and green leaves in juices, salads and smoothies.

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