Emotional and Mental Health

What does that mean to you?

Is it merely the absence of negative feelings? The difference between a 'good day' and a 'bad day'?

Human beings experience many emotions on a daily basis, typically but not limited to fear, joy, sadness, frustration, anger, happiness, annoyance etc.

Some emotions are easy to process and express as we feel them, whilst others we tend to keep hidden for social or cultural reasons.

For example, we may be seething about something, but unable to show it for fear of being misunderstood, judged or ostracised. Social acceptance is usually more important than showing our true feelings. 

It is fairly widely known that harbouring emotions rather than expressing them can lead to long term mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

What is not so well known is that emotions ignored and buried within us will over time, also manifest in our physical body as aches, pains and diseases.


As you will see on the 'Overcome Overeating' page, trapped emotions will eventually manifest as subconsciously driven behaviour such as overeating and other addictions.

All emotions are energy, and negative emotions emit a low frequency which, if stored in body tissue for too long affect cellular health, then tissue health until eventually when enough tissue is dis-eased it will affect the 

particular organ or part of the body it has been stored in.

I highly recommend you read these two books if this resonates with you, and if you need help with trapped emotions please contact me.

I will be praticing the wonderful Emotional Aromatherapy from the middle of July 2021. 

Pure therapeutic plant oils vibrate at a higher frequency than trapped emotions and disease, and help to release them, naturally, as Mother Nature intended.

Watch this space!


You may have heard that the Liver for example, is classed as the 'seat of anger' in traditional Eastern philosophies.

You will have heard phrases such as 'she carries the world on her shoulders' or felt 'heavy hearted', or indeed may have heard of someone who died of 'a broken heart' when a long term partner passes away.

The association between our feelings and our physical body is something we have forgotten about in the West, but need to pay some serious attention to in order to heal.

These two books have been amazing eye-openers for me on my own personal emotional health journey.

This knowledge, and the Emotional Aromatherapy Advisor Qualification I am nearing the end of studying for, have totally transformed my life by enabling me to release trapped emotions I didn't even know about due to being too young to understand them as a young child.

As children we sometimes don't know how to deal with an emotion, we may have been told to 'be quiet' or 'stop crying' when actually that's what we needed to release the emotion.