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Food Intolerances

Is the food you eat making you sick?

  • 45 min
  • Zoom online

Service Description

Unexplained headaches, fatigue, skin problems and sinus issues are some of the many signs of food intolerances. If you've had tests at the Dr's and been told everything is 'normal', but you know you are feeling far from it, then you may be reacting to some of the foods you are eating. I will help you to identify your triggers and provide a plan to eliminate those foods for a period of time to allow your immune system to re-set and prevent further intolerances from developing. Knowing how to replace eliminated foods whilst ensuring you are still receiving all the nutrition you need is important; you can't just take something away without putting a balanced alternative in it's place. A plan you can maintain without becoming nutrient deficient or bored is vital for sustainable change and success.

Contact Details

+ 07779153162

Egton, Whitby, UK

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