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Updated: Feb 18, 2019

'Creamy' Salmon with Broccoli and Leeks

Super succulent Salmon fillet with Leeks and Broccoli

One of the ingredients most people miss when following a 'Dairy Free' diet is cream or Creme Fraiche.

When eating out in most restaurants it's the avoidance of cream or creme fraiche in sauces that's the most difficult to avoid. The alternative is usually 'no sauce'!

When you realise that there are now plenty of alternatives that barely affect the taste of the recipe, life gets alot easier.

Enter Dairy Free Cream Cheese or Coconut Cream.

Depending on the recipe, one of these two saviours will be the answer to your DF problem.

In this recipe I used 'Violife' cream 'cheese'. It's 100% vegan, made with coconut oil, ground sunflower kernels and no hidden nasties. It's even fortified with vitamin B12, often lacking in Vegan diets.

it had a very mild flavour, so wont detract from any delicate recipe such as this.


Serves 2

2 Salmon Fillets

1 TBSP Coconut oil

1 large Leek, outer skin removed, washed and sliced about half a centimetre thick.

3 cups Broccoli Florets, cut small, most of the stalk removed. (This makes sure they cook quickly)

2 handfuls baby spinach leaves, washed

Boiling water, enough to cover the bottom of the pan and about half an centimetre deep when added to vegetables.

1 tsp Marigold (or similar) vegetable stock powder. (I use this one because it is Gluten and Yeast free)

2 tbsp Violife Cream 'Cheese'

Salt and Pepper to taste.


Mushrooms also work well in addition to the leeks if you wish. Cook at the same time.

A dash of dry white wine if you've got some that needs using up also makes a tasty addition after adding the cream cheese :)


  1. Heat coconut oil in a skillet or deep sided frying pan and gently saute the salmon fillets. Skin side down first, then when turning over remove the skin which is easy once cooked.

  2. Remove from heat and set aside.

  3. Add the leeks to the pan and gently saute, stirring to prevent burning.

  4. Add the broccoli florets and the stock powder. Stir in quickly then add the boiling water to cover the pan base and just a bit more.

  5. Allow the vegetables to 'steam' in the stock until 'al dente' (only takes a few minutes).

  6. Once the liquid has reduced a little, add the cream cheese and blend in.

  7. When you have the consistency of a creamy sauce, add the Spinach and allow to wilt, stir in gently.

  8. Return the Salmon to the pan for a few minutes to complete cooking.

  9. Season to taste.

Serve with steamed new potatoes or courgette noodles if following a low carb diet...recipe to follow!

Enjoy :)

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